Brief introduction and background

Hi, this is my first ever blog entry and what I am writing now is very much an attempt to see what happens when I create my first post!
I am a keen photographer, have been for many years, but only recently have I become quite fascinated by the genre of street photography.
I would like to record my experiences on a blog, as I learn and develop my skill, so apologies in advance if this looks amateurish from the start!
Over the years I have owned and used a range of equipment from an old Kodak Autographic Brownie No. 2, a Minolta Hi-matic 7s with a lovely 50mm 1.7 Rokkor lens, a Nikon FG, a Nikon F100 with a 2.8 70-200 f2.8 zoom, a Canon eos 450, a Canon Eos 1ds with a range of l series lenses.
The later was purchased specifically for recording my son compete at judo, the others we’re bought probably without too much thought over intended use. Now however, I have a focus and thoroughly enjoy my Fuji x Pro 1, to the extent that I will probably sell my Nikon D7100 because I find it too heavy and out of place for the streets.
Hopefully that is a reasonably good introduction to my first blog, and paves the way for the future!